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Precision Engineered

Australian Power Transmission, Pulley Manufacturers and General Engineers can provide clients with an extensive range of precision-engineered products. Please contact us if you have any specific enquiries regarding our range and services.
Drag line disc brake — Australian Power Transmissions in Brendale, QLD


We can turn out large scale Brake Discs, Backing Plates and Hubs to suit heavy machinery applications such as draglines. Australian Power Transmission can also refurbish and repair existing heavy industrial brake discs from a variety of material handling systems such as conveyors.
Bushes Various — Australian Power Transmissions in Brendale, QLD

Bushes and Taper Locks

We can engineer a variety of bushes. A QD bush easily fits over a shaft and the tightening of the cap screws produces a tight fit to the shaft. These types of bushes are easily removed. Our taper lock fasteners are engineered with the highest degree of accuracy. It is essential that a taper lock system is accompanied by excellent craftsmanship.
Flanges — Australian Power Transmissions in Brendale, QLD

Flange Bushes

A flange bush is a mechanical fixing between two, possibly moving parts or a strengthened fixing point where one mechanical assembly is attached to another. Today, most flange bush applications have been replaced by a QD bush. However, in some engineering applications or in older machinery, these bushes may still be in use. We can custom fabricate a flange bush replacement part as required.


Our range of pulleys laid the foundations for our business and today we offer an extensive range of pulley options. Our pulleys can be found in earth moving equipment as well as construction and mining applications where bulk material handling is critical. Our pulleys are manufactured using the highest grades of materials, delivering products designed for longevity and include large diameter castings for applications up to 2100mm in diameter. Standard V pulleys, variable speed pulleys, multi-wedge, crusher and screen pulleys, and taper lock pulleys are just a small example. We are experts in this field, having fabricated over 8000 variations of specialised pulleys. We will work with you to determine the best pulley for your applications.
Pump Housings — Australian Power Transmissions in Brendale, QLD

Pump Housings

We machine a variety of pump components including suction covers, boss plates, volutes and impellers. These parts are typically used in heavy-duty industrial process pumps used to move many different types of products including water, chemicals, petroleum, waste, oils, sludge, or even food. Industrial pumps are used for a wide range of applications, so please contact us for any specific requirements for pump components.
Shafts — Australian Power Transmissions in Brendale, QLD


Motor, Pump, Lay or Conveyor Shafts. We can machine your specific shaft in steel or stainless steel. Please refer to our services explanations for additional technical information or contact us via email for any specific requirements.
Sprocket — Australian Power Transmissions in Brendale, QLD


We can machine NON-STANDARD sprockets. We can provide boring, and keyway cutting broaching to your specifications. This is a specialist field and we have a number of machining options available. Please contact us for further information.
Specialist Fabrication — Australian Power Transmissions in Brendale, QLD

Specialist Fabrication

We can provide custom fabrication services to your specifications. We have completed safety cages, steel covers, and custom one-off components for a variety of heavy industrial applications. Please contact us directly if you have a specialised requirement.
Supernuts — Australian Power Transmissions in Brendale, QLD


Supernuts are a compression nut designed for a number of heavy industry applications such as large mill motors. We keep a standard line of products in stock for immediate delivery ranging in size from 814 to 824. Please contact us for volume order requirements.