Manufactured Pulleys

Manufactured Pulleys

Australian Pulley Manufactures have been supplying Australia with custom pulleys for over a decade. We have supplied pulleys in such fields like the Mining, Oil Rigs, Large Diesel machinery and even to the small business that needs a pulley to suit their needs.

The size of pulleys vary we are able to create small ones that are only a few millimetres to ones that are ranging up to 2.2 meters in diameter.

With things becoming more expensive over the years we have been able to keep our pricing to fit inside your budget.

Our Machines

With our machines we are able to create any type of pulley or even venture into the general engineering side of things to create that special pulley or product you want and need.

Machines include.

5 Vertical Borers (Capabilities up to 1.8 meters)

3 CNC General Turning Machines

We also have machines for other types of jobs they are,

1 Machining Centre

4 Centre Lathes ( 640mm x 2 meters)

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Pulley Work

Some of our work that we create for our clients, as you can see we range from very large pulleys to your small ones that fit in your hand.