CNC Machining

What is CNC Machining?

Computer Numerical Control or simply CNC Machining is basically a process implemented in the manufacturing industry which includes the use of computer and programming to control different types of machine tools in and around a factory.

Grinders, routers, millers, cutters and a lot of other machinery can be controlled with the help of computers now, completely without any manual labour.

It is a perfect way around to manual control, where live operators don’t have to press buttons, press levers or operate any wheels.

Just a set of prompts and the machine will start doing its job with precision.

A total CNC system is not just computer components, it is way more than that.

It employs software programming with the help of unique controller consoles for computation and then implementation.

How does a CNC machine work?

As the name suggests, a proper Computer Numerical Control machine works in tandem with digitized numerical data or programming.

A computer is bound together with the help of G-code or Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) program and that in turn controls and automates the machine with high precision repeated programmed movements.

The machine does so by converting the software signals from the computer into electrical ones.

And these signals are the main input for CNC motors which directs them to do certain movements accurately.

Keep in mind, this CAM doesn’t make the machine work, it basically makes the code that the machine follows.

CNC machines are meant to do anything and everything without compromising accuracy.

They are completely customizable and that’s why they are used in different manufacturing units all over the globe.

The machines can be a lathe, router, water jet, grinder, cutter, stamper, miller and even a robot.

The above is how large industries work with CNC machines, and for small workshops, there are special desktop CNCs as well.

These are light and low quality and often used to deal with softer materials like plastics, foam etc.

What types of CNC Machines are there?

CNC machining has become very popular in the manufacturing industry as well as with hobbyists and small workshops.

With the help of programs, CNC machines can literally make a variety of products, tools, parts etc. and for that, there are different types of CNC machines as well.

The most common types are as follows:
Laser – A CNC laser is similar to CNC Plasma, as they are both cutters. Here, instead of a plasma torch, this uses a laser to cut the material mainly wood, metal, and plastic.

3D Printer: 3D Printer is also a type of custom-built CNC machine which is very famous nowadays. The technology is similar to CNC laser machines but here, it uses a typical extruder to deposit materials (mainly plastic) in a repetitive and consistent manner to build a product or a part from scratch.

Router – A CNC router is mainly used to engrave metal, plastic and even wood. It is a very common piece of custom-built machinery in industries and workshops.

Plasma – CNC plasma is basically a cutter which is generally used to cut both 2-dimensional wood and metal. It basically uses a plasma torch to penetrate any sheet of metal or wood.

Pick and Place – Pick and Place CNC Machines are unique in terms of working. As the name suggests, it basically picks up an equipment or part and places it where it is programmed to. It generally comes with many nozzles which pick up any component and places them right on the desired location.

These are commonly used in cell-phone industries, small electronics-based industries, robotics etc

Where in Brisbane can I find CNC Machining Services?

If you want the best CNC Machining Services in Brisbane, Australian Power Transmissions should be your choice.

We are a fully Australian owned and operated manufacturing and general engineering company specialized in CNC machining and related services in Brisbane.

We offer a variety of top-notch machining services for small and medium industries like power stations, mining, oil rig, and even house jobs.

We are continually upgrading our machines and services to keep up with this ever-changing industry and we are updating our skills and experience with the ongoing technological advancements.

We have all the required tools and experience to tackle anything and that too with low-cost of production.

If you need any type of CNC machining services in Brisbane, do request a quote!

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