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Keyway Broaching and Slotting

Keyway Milling and What is it?

Keyways are grooves of various shapes curved along the surface of a cylindrical surface especially on shafts.

The keys are fitted in these grooves to locate and drive members on the shafts.

Keyways are also made in the machined member to receive the key.

There are different types of keys and respective keyways depending on the class of work like Square-ends machine key, Woodruff key, and Round-end machine key.

What is Slotting in Machining?

Slotting or sometimes called Shaping is a machining process where the object is fixed on a table.

The machine uses a single point cutting tool to give it a shape.

It is basically used for internal shapes and forms like keys, slots, and grooves etc.

Sometimes it is also used for cutting external shapes as well as forms too.

There are many types of slotters catering to specific needs and requirements.

The most common slotters or slotting machines are as follows:

Punch slotter: This is mainly designed to remove a large amount of metal from castings, forgings etc.
Tool-room slotter: This is a heavy machine that mainly operates at a very high speed and offers light cuts with great accuracy.
Production slotter: This is a heavy duty slotting machine which consists of a heavy cast base as well as a heavy frame typically divided into two parts.

What is Broaching a Keyway?

Broaching is a simple process that either pushes or pulls the cutter to make grooves on the surface.

This is a high powered metal removal process which is designed to create machined parts.

The first broaching application was to cut keys in gears and pulleys.

After the World War the application of broaching expanded greatly.

The broaching process is very similar to milling.

The instrument has several teeth that eliminate the extra metal parts to give the object a new shape.

So, if you want to broach a keyway, the object must be fixed in a place then you can start the broaching process. The proper alignment of the piece is required to make the grooves perfect.

How does Broaching Work?

The broaching process depends on the type of broaching you are performing.

The surface broaching is very easy and it can be performed in two ways; you can hold the object still and the broaching will be moved against it or the broaching is still and the object will be moved against it.

The internal broaching is complicated. You have to start by clamping the object in a fixed place known as “Workholder”, and the broaching machine is called “Elevator”.

It is that part of the machine that actually moves. Once you start, the broach will be moved through the object and the broaching begins.

There will also be a cutting fluid used in the whole process.

The cutting fluids are used for 3 reasons…

1. Cooling both object and the broach.
2. To lubricate the surface.
3. To flush chips from the grooves of the machine.

Is Slotting and Broaching the Same Thing?

Broaching is a process done by machines that use tools with teeth to remove metal.

These tools are called broaches.

There are two types of broaching, linear and surface whereas, Slotting or Shaping is a machining process where the object is fixed, and the machine uses a tool to give it the required shape. It is mainly used to cut grooves, keys, and slots of different shapes and sizes.

So, the objectives of the methods are more or less the same but the process itself is different.

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