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What is a Drill Press Machine?

A Drilling Machine or a Drilling Press is a powerful machine designed to create holes on hard surfaces.

The Drill is usually attached to a spindle which rotates and that spindle is attached to the machine by clamps or any other means.

Drill press machines have a variety of applications in construction, metalworking, and wood.

Generally, the drill presses you see on local shops only consists of a single spindle, however, there are other varieties of drill presses available with multiple spindles and motors for different applications.

What are Drilling Machines used for?

The drilling process involves selecting a proper drill for the job, then fitting it properly on a drill machine and after that creating hole of appropriate measurements on the desired object.

So, to put it simply, drilling machines are used to drill holes of accurate measurements with respect to width and depth.

It can be used for a number of cases like
• Deepwater Drilling.
• High Pressure and High-Temperature Drilling
• Extended Reach Drilling.
• HDD, Mining and Waterfall Drilling.
• For household and DIY purposes

What is the Process of Drilling?

The drilling process is very simple but it is a bit dangerous.

A little negligence can cause a lot of damage to the object or to the machine or even to the operator.

So, the drilling process begins at the drill press where you learn about the machine.

• So, before you actually drill a hole you need to create a mark on the object by crossing two lines and the point where they intersect, you will make a hole.
• Now, you need to use a center punch to make a groove on the point.
• Then fit the proper drill head needed according to the measurements.
• Select a cutting fluid.
• Secure the desired object properly on the machine, otherwise, the vibrations will let loose of the material.
• Select the appropriate RPM for the drill bit. You have to take into account everything from the size of the object to the depth of the hole.
• Start the machine and drill the hole very carefully.
• Clean the drill and the machine after the work is completed.

These are the basic rules for drill operations or the general working formula of a typical drill press, but they are not always applicable for every drilling job performed.

Moreover, specific application demands for a particular drill press.

What is a Deep-Hole Drilling Machine?

A deep hole is measured by its depth and diameter ratio.

If it is greater than 10:1 then the hole is considered as a deep hole.

Deep hole drilling mainly consists of Gun drilling and BTA drilling.

It mainly has industrial uses and its origin goes back to a time when smoother and accurate gun barrels were needed.

Deep-hole drilling involves unique tools that can put holes in metals way beyond what a CNC machine can usually reach.

Different Types of Drilling Machines

Various types and sizes of Drilling Machines are manufactured depending on their uses, the speed and type of rotation, and the depth of the holes etc.

The different variety of Drilling Machines is discussed below:

Portable Drilling Machine

As the name suggests, a portable drilling machine can be carried anywhere and used when it is needed.

These are mainly used in workplaces to drill holes where the conventional drilling machines have failed to reach.

The whole machine is very compact and very small in size and can be kept anywhere.

These kinds of drilling machines are used in garages and wood shops, the motors used on the machines are universal and you can only use 12mm to 18mm drills on the portable machines.

Sensitive Drilling Machines

This is a hands-free drilling machine designed to create small holes at high speed.

The base of the machine is bolted on the floor for stability and the maximum diameter of the holes is 1505mm.

The drill is fitted to the machine by hand and the operator can feel the progress visually or with the touch of their hands.

Upright Drilling Machine

Although it looks very similar to Sensitive Drilling Machine, Upright Drilling Machine is designed to handle medium sized workplaces.

It is also bigger and heavier than the previous one. The diameter of the holes can reach up to 50mm with this machine.

The spindle can be changed depending on the work and size of the hole.

Round column section upright drilling machine and Box column section upright drilling machine are the only two types available.

Radial Drilling Machine

The Radial drilling machine was designed for heavy duty work.

It can also operate on medium sized workplaces. It is a big machine mounted on a bigger base.

The main column is attached to the radial hand which can be raised or lowered depending on the size of the material you are drilling.

The drill head is fitted to the arm, you can also fit the drill head so that it can slide on the radial arm.

Gang Drilling Machine

This is a very common drilling machine, which consists of a table and a base. Around 4 to 6 drills are arranged side by side and individual drill heads run on individual motors.

This type of drill is used for large scale production work.

Multiple-Spindle Drilling Machine

This machine is used to create a number of holes continuously, producing the same pattern on similar objects.

This machine has several spindles but only a single motor. All of the spindles work at the same time and the distance between them is the same.

Deep Hole Drilling Machine

This is a special type of drill machine designed for drilling holes in the barrels of a gun, spindles etc.

The main purpose of the machine is to make deep holes so; high speed and less feed are needed.

There are two types of Deep Mole Drilling Machines available on the market, Vertical Type and Horizontal Type.

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